Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Halifax: I Am Ashamed

I'm from Nova Scotia and yesterday I spoke with friends from back home who informed me that a local performer had been shot in her home.  At 1:30 am men impersonating police officers knocked on her door.  When she opened the door and realized they were not who they said they were, her and her roommate struggled to push the door shut, locking it.  They lay down on the floor and heard a shotgun blast right through the door.  More bullets followed, one which hit her in the arm.  When interviewed from her hotel room the woman stated that the attackers were yelling, "Tranny faggot, open the door, let us in, let us in".  It's baffling to me that a hate crime of this magnitude could happen in my home province, my country, or my world even, at this time.  Interestingly, the CBC coverage is the only one to mention the woman as a drag queen.  Whether this is erasure or not I can't tell.  Is her occupation and gender irrelevant in the news reporting, or is does it's absence speak volumes?  There's a certain responsibility to highlight hate crimes mixed with an unnecessary sensationalism in the media.
Read the coverage and let me know what you think.

UPDATE: Here is some audio of Chris speaking about the incident on CBC Information Morning.

UPDATE 2: CBC article with the headline, Drag Queen Was Victim of Shooting.

UPDATE 3: Police Denying Hate Crime Claims Despite Slurs.

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