Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Traveling Red Dress

I've been following the #travelingreddress movement on Twitter and have been blown away the response The Bloggess has received.  The dress, written about here by Forbes, was worn by The Bloggess in an effort to be overindulgent, celebratory, special, and whimsical.  To do something just because.  Because, why the fuck not?  

I love the picture of her in the red dress, which you can see here on her blog with the post that started it all.  Aside from how amazing she looks in it (& how happy), she then did a crazy-amazing thing and sent the red dress to other women who needed something in their lives but were to embarrassed to ask for it.  I cried when reading this story.  And this one.  Now, people are sharing their own red dresses, blue dresses, & things that aren't even dresses, in order to help each other be happy.  There's a Flikr page where people can donate and share dresses & photo sessions, and where The Bloggess showcases the two new dresses she's added to her collection, and that will begin traveling in 6 weeks.  

As women we so seldom allow our selves to do something crazy, something just for the hell of it.  I would like to learn how to box, write a poem, and spend a day throwing large amounts of paint at huge pieces of paper with my kid.  So, what's your red dress?

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