Sunday, May 27, 2012

Is... Is anyone there?

Perhaps one day soon I will get to a place in my life where I am not writing this post.  This post outlining the reasons for my long (although not greatly missed - I was a pretty crappy writer) absence.  Do people still call it the blogosphere?  I don't think I'm there yet.  In the intervening months I've survived the ending of an important relationship, lots of depression and anxiety, a move from Quebec to Nova Scotia, where I now live with my parents, a new job and... an offer of admission to a midwifery program!  See how I ended on a bright note there?  Suffice it to say, a lot has been going on.  Now, I work nights and wait for the day when I will make another cross-country move to begin school in September.  

Let's start again from scratch.  Here's what I'm into right now: 

Music: I've had Rose Cousins on repeat, but am now back to The Gossip (seriously though, Beth Ditto and/or Hannah Blilie will you marry me?) - this song is terribly apropos.
Books: So far this year I've gone from Jane Austen to Miriam Toews to Veronica Roth.  Right now I'm reading Under the Dome by Stephen King which is deliciously large.  I've also just placed an order for some new comics and Guy Delisle's Jerusalem. 
Blogs: I've been introduced to all of the amazingness that is xoJane and am especially fond of their It Happened to Me (IHTM) posts - check 'em out here.  In addition to Beth and Hannah I'd like to marry and/or bone Emily McCombs AND Lesley Kinzel.  At the same time, preferably.

What are you into?  

That's all for now folks, you'll see me around here more now, pinky swear.


  1. I should read more Miriam Toews. "A Complicated Kindness" was so vivid to me because I used to live in southern Manitoba (and know what Steinbach is like).

  2. She's really wonderful. I've read Irma Voth and The Flying Troutmans this past month and loved them both.

  3. Well I am not great at following blogs but am making more of an effort. Glad you are hanging in there and congrats on t he midwifery program! I love the matched series by Ali Condy even though it is for young adults. I also enjoyed John Grisham's An Innocent Man. Our music usually consists of rock for hubby or kid's tunes for my children. :)

  4. I am not very good at writing blogs, so we are in the same boat! Thank you, I am very excited to begin! I've ever read Ali Condy, I'll have to check them out. Thanks for reading!